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  • What is the 60 FREE membership trial?

    We believe that you should be able to check out tracTAG and see how great it is.

    60 days means that you can come on board with no risk.

  • Will you take membership payment during the free trial?


    Membership payment – if you link more than one tag – is payable from the 60days after you create your member profile.

    Setting everything up at the beginning is simply the easiest, most upfront and convenient way for your membership to be organised.

    You are in control of your membership and can change it any time.

  • What can I use tracTAG on?

    COMPACT & EVERYDAY - pretty much any non-porous surface
    HANDY, ADVENTURER & MEDALLION - anywhere safe to clip or loop
    MARINE (flat surfaces only) & OUTDOOR - rugged and extreme environments, including the ocean

  • How do I make sure that my tracTAG stays put?

    Adhesive tracTAG:

    1. Clean the item surface with solvent

    2. Position and press firmly - don't try and take it off once you've stuck it on

    3. Leave it for 36 hours for maximum stickability

    tracTAG on lanyards

    1. You can make the lanyard closure permanent.

    2. Once the tracTAG is attached to the item with the metal lanyard, gently crush the screw mechanism.

  • What is the lost message?

    When someone finds your gear, they feel extra encouraged to get in touch quickly when you've created a message for them to read.

    HINT:A friendly, clear and simple message is usually a great start.
  • How do I work out the return?

    tracTAG is designed for quick, no fuss return of your important gear. Having the finder contact you directly is the simplest way to achieve that. Most times that is just right.
    Every now and then, you might prefer an alternative.

    HINT:Only ever agree to something that feels comfortable and safe for you. You can ask the finder to take the item to a local police station or another third party. You can always organize a courier or other form of exchange.
  • How do I decide on a reward amount?

    A reward is really about saying thank you and recognising that someone has gone out of their way to make your life a bit happier!
    It is not about the value of what's lost. Could you put a value on photos or pet!

    HINT:A reward is always about saying 'thank you' - it is a token of appreciation to a stranger who has taken the time and effort to help you.
  • How does tracTAG guarantee a reward?

    We believe that everyone who returns the things we love is a hero.

    Click the claim reward box when your getting the owner's detials and we'll send you a sweet tracTAG kit as a THANK YOU

  • Communication hassles?

    Clear communication lets people focus on the good stuff of FOUND>RETURNED

    Every now and then, things may not go as you thought they would .... rare events, but they do happen.

    tracTAG does not offer dispute resolution. Our experience is that on the very rare occasions that confusion arises, most situations can be sorted by clear communication.


    Please be patient, check the communication and ask if you can help make it easier.

    Remember that the finder is showing you goodwill by making contact and sometimes there can be delays or problems returning your found item.


    Please understand that the owner may be very anxious about their loss.

    Honour any agreements around postage, time or place.

    If you find yourself in dispute over an item, check the communication and, as a last resort, talk with your local law enforcement or other advisor to find a way to resolve the situation for all parties.

    HINT:Consider using text and email for communication. This keeps expectations and agreed actions clear.
  • What do I do if my tracTAG is removed or damaged?

    Contact us.
    We will send a replacement.
    No fuss
    100% guarantee

  • What if someone copies the code on my tracTAG? Can they access my membership details?

    Only you, the member, using your login details can see you membership details.
    If someone copies your tracTAG, they can only ever see the public details that you decide in privacy settings.

  • Help! I didn't renew my membership and now I've lost something.

    Lapsed memberships can be re-activated. A fee applies.

    Please contact our priority email reactivate@tractag.com for details and costs.

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